Lindy Miller is fighting for Georgia
families and small businesses

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Get to Know Lindy

A mom, a businesswoman, and a fighter.

My family worked hard to give me opportunities that they never had. They fought to give me a chance to succeed.

High utility bills and bad politics are getting in the way of opportunities for people in our state.

We need leadership that fights for all people in Georgia.

Lindy's Education and Service

After graduating from Woodward Academy, Lindy attended the University of Pennsylvania and then joined AmeriCorps VISTA, serving small business owners in New York recovering from the 9/11 attacks. Lindy went on to attend Harvard Kennedy School and worked on economic development around the world.

We must protect people in our communities from high energy bills.

Lindy’s Business Career

Lindy began her business career at Deloitte, where she spent over 15 years working with leaders to create jobs and address complex problems. Lindy also co-founded a renewable energy company to give more energy choices to schools, small businesses, and non-profits in Georgia.

We must unlock thousands of good jobs by investing in clean energy.

Lindy’s Family

Lindy’s proudest achievement is her family. She lives with her husband and three boys less than 15 miles from where she was born and raised.

Georgia is home.

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