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Across Georgia, people are looking for ways to keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets, to invest in their own families, businesses, and communities.

We need independent leaders who can provide new opportunities - lower bills, better jobs, and a brighter future. We need leaders who fight for Georgians.


No one should have to choose between keeping the lights on or putting food on the table.

Energy bills are going up, putting pressure on Georgia families. People across our state are paying more to meet their energy needs than almost anywhere else in the country. It’s time to start putting peoples’ budgets ahead of corporate profits. With the right priorities, we can work to make energy affordable, reliable, and clean for all Georgians.

Investments in energy efficiency can reduce demand, bringing down costs for Georgians. Proper management and oversight of major projects would protect taxpayers from paying for costly overruns and mistakes. Innovation and investments in new forms of electricity generation and storage can further reduce energy costs.

Creating Better Jobs

We have the opportunity to invest in tens of thousands of new advanced energy jobs across Georgia.

The advanced energy economy is fueling a rapid increase in new jobs. From front-line solar panel installers and construction workers to accountants and coders, this high-growth sector has the potential to bring tens of thousands of new jobs and tremendous innovation to Georgia.

If we lower the barriers to investment and innovation, support apprenticeship and retraining programs, and facilitate public-private partnerships, we can provide powerful, long-term economic growth across Georgia.

Investing in our future

Investing in infrastructure will continue to make Georgia the number one place to do business.

We need to ensure customer choice and affordable energy while protecting our natural resources. Investments in renewable energy like electric vehicle charging infrastructure and community solar programs are essential to the future of Georgia's economy.

Infrastructure plays a vital role in laying the foundation for strong future economic growth. Grid modernization is critical to improving the physical security and cybersecurity of our investments. Making the right investments in forward-thinking infrastructure helps create jobs for Georgia now and in the future.

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